But on the other hand…it’s a really nice day


“I do not believe that things will turn out well, but the idea that they might is of decisive importance.” – Max Horkheimer

1. Nice days can be disorienting. The sun shines, the birds chatter, the temperature is just right, the breeze is slight, even other people – equally struck by the niceness of the day – seem more pleasant, and as one walks about it can be easy to feel as though all is well in the world. The early weeks of spring are often a particular source of these fabled “nice days” when the seemingly perpetual gray of winter has not yet faded from memory, but before the uncomfortable stickiness of summer has become prevalent. There is something instantly rejuvenating about the sensation of stepping outside and thinking “zounds, but is it ever a nice day.” For that brief moment other concerns are banished by the budding trees…

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Looking Up, With Our Feet Still On the Ground


It is important to look up.

Not just from whatever it is that is occupying our attention at any given moment, but to look up as in “way up” – up to the sky. We spend a great deal of time looking down – at the ground, at what is directly in our path, at all manner of screens, at books, at the trash on the sidewalk. Too often when we do look up we do this because of the rumbling of thunder overhead, and often when we gaze skyward we are treated with a vision of a pollution soaked sky, or a darkness unnaturally illuminated by the constant glow of electricity.

But sometimes, if we are lucky, when we look up we see the stars.

In the last week many were given a fresh reason to look up: the news that the European Space Agency had successfully landed a…

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